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Focus on handling cookies

Oct. 12, 2019, 11:53 a.m. by Wojtek Cichon

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We have fixed the issues connected with using the embedded Sphere Engine Problems Widget (HTML iframe tag). This fix is crucial in the context of using Sphere Engine for Education.

Now even when the end-users have turned off "third-party cookies" aka "cross-site trackers" aka "cross-site cookies" (different names in different web browsers), they will be able to use our widget without any obstacles in a separate browser window.

Other fixes

We have fixed a small issue with synchronizing the Sphere Engine Problems module with the LMS widget, which sometimes blocked sending the grades to the LMS.

We have introduced some small fixes inside the Sphere Engine Problems Editor: for shared programming problems, in the "advanced tests" section, the read-only mode now works properly. We also corrected some typos in the Sphere Engine documentation.

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