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  • Automate grading and track the progress of your Students and/or Employees
  • Develop competitive programming platforms
  • Assess tech talents and offer them to companies
  • Create assessment, e-learning or recruitment platforms effortlessly
  • Deploy programming MOOC
  • Switch the key component of your system and outsource its maintenance

Our Technology

  • Embeddable IDEs
  • Restful APIs for automated skill assessment and source code excution
  • CMS for challenge deployment and management with ready-to-use content
  • 80+ supported languages
  • EDU tool integrating seamlessly with 20+ learning management systems (LMSes)
  • Full execution reports generated by both IDEs and APIs
  • 100% secure execution environment
  • Sphere Engine On-Premises

We've got you covered

SLA, 24/7 support, on-demand features, dev conference calls, custom execution parameters, custom execution boxes, product expertise, Sphere Engine on your premises.

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