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Key features

Intuitive API and web integration

Integrate using an API or a JavaScript widget.

Besides a RESTful API, we also provide you with Sphere Engine Compilers web widget, which enables your end-users to run code online and see the output of their work instantly. We provide you with this feature, as well as the computing resources behind it.

Illustration of a developer excercising between symbols of API and JavaScript widget
Illustration of a satisfied Compilers user looking at the details of his code compilation

Your code in details

Retrieve detailed data regarding compilation.

Sphere Engine Compilers enables you to specify the source code of the program, the programming language, and the input data.

The data retrieved after the program is executed includes:

  • execution time
  • memory consumption
  • exit signal
  • generated output data
  • runtime errors
  • warnings and compilation errors
  • and many more...
Create fully-functional applications

Use cases

Recruitment platforms with the ability to run code written by candidates

E-learning programming courses enriched with executable examples of code

Online systems for sharing executable source code and sandboxes to showcase technologies