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Key features

Intuitive API and web integration

Integrate using an API or a JavaScript widget.

Sphere Engine Problems is a fully functional environment for creating programming assessment and e-learning scenarios for software engineers. We enable online automatic testing of your end-users' coding skills. All of this inside your application by using our API and web widgets.

Illustration of a developer excercising between symbols of API and JavaScript widget
Illustration of a person creating content and complex reports

Create, manage, and evaluate

An all-around tool for creating and evaluating programming challenges.

Sphere Engine Problems enables you to:

  • create and test programming problems with the use of our CMS
  • use our ready-made problems for inspiration
  • generate powerful and detailed performance reports and real-time rankings
  • create fully customized testing and ranking formulas with numerous test cases
Create fully-functional applications

Use cases

Recruitment platforms with the ability to run and evaluate code written by candidates

E-learning programming courses with automated judging processess

Interactive massive open online courses (MOOCs) and skill assessment platforms

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Content Manager's Handbook

Our detailed “Content Manager's Handbook” will guide you by the hand and teach you how to skillfully create programming problems and coding challenges that scale.

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