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Key features

Online IDE inside your application

Asses coding skills in scenarios involving latest software technologies.

We give you the tools and resources to put an online IDE inside your app and use it as a technological playground to teach real-life programming skills. Feel free to decouple our IDE and use parts of it to illustrate concepts inside your technical documentation or online courses.

Illustration showing a developer programming in his favorite technology
Illustration of a developer solving real-life programming problem in a pre-defined scenario

Create real-life programming scenarios

Created solely for the purpose of assessing real-life coding skills.

Mix and match the technologies that you want to showcase (both back-end and front-end). Create and configure your scenarios with a set of tools designed exactly for the purpose. Add instructions guiding your user through specific real-life coding scenarios.

Automate and customize assessment processes

Automated evaluation of complex programming tasks.

Sphere Engine Containers enables automated evaluation of complex software development scenarios. We simplify writing and running functional tests against predefined scenarios to make sure that you and the user receive feedback instantly.

Illustration of developers programming on a conveyor belt
Create fully-functional applications

Use cases

Platforms with the ability to run and test code written using the latest frameworks and technologies

Online Integrated Development Environments for teaching and assessing programming skills

Interactive software documentation to increase technological adoption