Sphere Engine Modules Comparison Table

Compilers Problems
Integration via RESTful API Yes Yes
Integration using the web widget Yes Yes
Integration with the learning management systems (LMS) No Yes
Making a submission for a programming problem No Yes
Executing programs in a safe run-time environment (sandbox) Yes Yes
Access to a rich library of programming languages Yes Yes
Access to data generated during execution (output data, compilation errors, run-time errors) Yes Yes
The number of program executions when sending a single submission 1 Many (equal to the number of test cases in the problem)
Execution time limit 15 seconds 60 seconds (total time allocated for the execution of all test cases)
The ability to execute a program for any input data Yes Partially (appropriate test cases should be defined)
Automatic evaluation of the program's correctness Partially (system verifies the correctness of the source code's syntax and whether there were run-time errors) Yes (based on test cases)
CMS for managing problems No Yes
Access to the programming problems library No Yes