Increasing efficiency, getting rid of delays, improving monitoring and adding a new Problems Widget demo

Nov. 30, 2019, noon by Wojtek Cichon

We took a fresh look at the configuration parameters of our core components which resulted in increased efficiency of our checkers - we are now able to handle more submissions per minute.

We came up with a brand new approach to the mechanism of updating the information about submissions which took our platform to a new level of efficiency and reliability. From now on the lightning-fast RabbitMQ will distribute information about the changing state of the submissions. This move also optimized the mechanism of sending grades from Sphere Engine Problems Widget to LMSs on the client-side by eliminating any possible delays.

We have implemented further improvements to our monitoring system - the outcome is a better-than-ever detection of errors, drops in performance, and submission queues.

Sphere Engine Problems Widget demo inside our Documentation got a new programming problem. The new example showcases the potential of the widget much better - try it out for yourself by going to the "Getting Started with Problems Widget" guide.

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