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Webhooks are here!

July 6, 2020, 12:06 p.m. by Wojtek Cichon

We are happy to announce a new way to integrate Sphere Engine with your application. Webhooks are HTTP callbacks triggered by some event. When that particular event takes place, the source application makes an HTTP request to the pre-defined URL configured to receive the webhook.

Our implementation of the webhook mechanism has been designed to deliver a reliable and efficient method for event communication between Sphere Engine components. When the execution of the submission finishes, our system instantly sends a message about it to the client’s system. Think of it as push notifications from social media services that go directly to your web browser.

Sphere Engine webhooks diagram"

From now on you can receive webhooks from all Sphere Engine components:

  • Compilers API
  • Compilers Widget
  • Problems API
  • Problems WidgetWidget
  • Problems L
  • Problems LTI (Learning Management System integration)

Find out more in our Webhooks documentation section and start integrating your application with Sphere Engine!

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