new features

Workspace files

June 8, 2020, 12:02 p.m. by Wojtek Cichon

We are introducing a new feature inside the Sphere Engine Problems module - say hello to Workspace files

This feature will enable problem-setters to attach multiple problem-specific files that will be helpful or indispensable in resolving a specific challenge. Format of these files can be as diverse as binary, image, CSV, etc. - anything that helps problem-solvers in completing the challenge.

The workspace files can also contain source code, that will be taken into account during the compilation process as well as during the execution process.

Please note that this feature will work only with the languages that support the multi-file mode.

This feature enables new scenarios of utilizing our Problems module. You will now be able to test your end-users' ability to work on predefined data or source code inside a filesystem.

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